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The Political Backlash To Evidence-Based Doctors’ Recommendations

Last week, someone referred to me online in the most shocking terms: a liberal. As I read the phrase, I gripped the pearls around my neck and coughed down my scalding afternoon tea. How could this have happened to me?

How Will The Coronavirus Evolve?

In 1988, Richard Lenski, a thirty-one-year-old biologist at UC Irvine, started an experiment. He divided a population of a common bacterium, E. coli, into twelve flasks.

The Business School Mindset Doesn’t Mind Physician Burnout

Even those of us with a meditation cushion and a gong app are likely to recoil when mindfulness practices are suggested as solutions for physician burnout. Sure, these practices are important. No, they do not address the causes of physician burnout.

Scientists Discover A “Mind-Blowing” Link Between Gut Health And Age Reversal

“By restoring health in the microbiome we’re able to reverse age-related cognitive deficits,” scientists say about their new study in mice. To stave off the effects of aging, one might use retinol creams or play sudoku. But maybe we should be focusing on something different altogether.

Study: Students Who Have A Bad Experience In Medical School More Likely To Regret Career

Students who said they were mistreated during their first two years of medical school were more likely to report exhaustion and career regret by the time they graduated, according to findings published Aug. 9.

Thousands Of Patients Were Implanted With Heart Pumps That The FDA Knew Could Be Dangerous

Inspectors repeatedly found manufacturing and device quality problems with the HeartWare heart pump. But the FDA did not penalize the company, and patients had the device implanted on their hearts without knowing the facts.

U.S. Review Of Possible Link Between Moderna Vaccine And Uncommon Side Effect Delays Adolescent Approval

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine for adolescents has yet to be authorized by federal health officials in part because they are investigating emerging reports that the shots may be associated with a higher risk of a heart condition in younger adults than previously believed, according to two people familiar with the review who emphasized the side effect still probably remains very uncommon.