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The Persecution Of Pain Management Doctors

The call came in during a busy workday. My comprehensive primary care clinic had been built over a decade of hard work and had a general practice clinic staffed by a very capable former surgeon and several nurse practitioners, as well as a pain management program and an addiction treatment clinic.

Surgeon Beats $27 Million Malpractice Case After Contentious Trial

An Iowa neurosurgeon who was accused of harming a patient after misplacing a screw has triumphed at trial, defeating a $27 million malpractice claim.

Is It Time To Shorten Medical Education In The US?

Shortening U.S. medical education can significantly improve U.S. population health. As patients and stakeholders of U.S. health care, we are at crisis levels.

Routinely Removed Organ Linked To Increased Mortality, Cancer Risk

Cardiothoracic surgery often cuts out this little organ as irrelevant. Big mistake, study. Thymectomy carried a substantially increased risk of all-cause mortality and cancer for adults, a "landmark" study showed.

Is Good Posture Overrated? Back To First Principles On Back Pain

For ages, bad posture has been assumed to cause back pain. Now some physiotherapists are rethinking what we should be doing with our spines.

Air Pollution Linked To Rise In Antibiotic Resistance That Imperils Human Health

Air pollution is helping to drive a rise in antibiotic resistance that poses a significant threat to human health worldwide, a global study suggests.

Why Do Our Minds Race When We’re Trying To Sleep?

I’m one of those people who’d be living my best life if I slept nine hours a night. Unfortunately, I’m also a person with a hamster wheel in my brain that starts spinning the moment my head hits the pillow.

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