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A Nut Allergy Nightmare At 35,000 Feet

A hungry college student was on a plane flying to Italy. She was alone, as her parents had bought her a ticket to join them on the trip, but their own flight had been sold out. About an hour after take-off, the flight attendants came down the aisle with their carts to serve dinner.

What's Really Driving COVID 'Rebound' After Paxlovid?

In the early days of the pandemic there was an understandable rush to define and optimally treat COVID-19. Anecdotal evidence and the opinions of eminent scientists and non-scientists overwhelmed social and mainstream media platforms only to eventually be overruled by the results of careful, scientific analyses and well-designed clinical trials.

Please Stop Saying “Provider”

When I started my internal medicine practice in 1996, the medical arena was vastly different than it is today. Back then, having an MD after my name actually meant something.

Slow Response To Monkeypox Exposes ‘Tired, Overworked’ US Health Agencies

Virus has taken hold amid ragged system ravaged by years of underfunding, messy bureaucracy and Covid. A “slow and bureaucratic” response that has seen monkeypox spread rapidly across the US – with more than a thousand cases in New York City alone – reveals just how badly battered local health agencies have been since the Covid pandemic, advocates have said.

What No One Tells You About Being A New Doctor

We’ve all heard the tired cliché about July being the most dangerous time of the year to go to a hospital. All new interns — freshly minted doctors straight out of medical school — are on the loose.

Docs Say: Time To Challenge The New Way We're Paid

Samyukta Mullangi, MD, an oncology fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, says she supports the value-based care movement but is still waiting to see it work in her specialty. Value-based care is a healthcare delivery system where physician and clinician payments are tied to the quality of care provided, and clinicians are rewarded for efficiency and effectiveness.

How The Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Americans’ Health For The Worse

The ripple effects of the Covid-19 pandemic’s influence on nearly every aspect of health in America are becoming clear.

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