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Breaking The Silence On The Harmful Effects Of The EMR

Well, it finally happened. To me. A physician. I became an MD 30 years ago, long before the EMR existed. This was also well before Dr. Google appeared on the scene. A time when medical records existed only on paper.

At 100 Years Old, I’m The ‘World’s Oldest Practicing Doctor’; 5 Things I Never Do To Live A Long, Happy Life

When I was born in 1922, the average life expectancy in the U.S. was 58 years old for men, and 61 years old for women.

New COVID Variant On WHO's Radar Causing Itchy Eyes In Kids

A new COVID-19 variant that recently landed on the World Health Organization's radar may cause previously unseen symptoms in children, according to a new report.

HPV Can Cause Numerous Kinds Of Cancer, Yet Many People Don't Realize It

A majority of Americans are unaware that HPV, the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S., can cause a number of major cancers, a new study found. Researchers were surprised over one finding in particular: a decline in awareness that HPV, human papillomavirus, is linked to cervical cancer.

CA Doc Accused In Drano Poison Plot Wanted To Kill Ants, Not Estranged Husband

The California dermatologist accused of poisoning her estranged husband with drain-clearing chemicals mixed up the cocktail to kill ants, not her spouse, according to her lawyer.

Merck-Moderna Vaccine Helps Keep Patients Free From Skin Cancer

Adding a personalized cancer vaccine to the blockbuster drug Keytruda kept more melanoma patients in remission than the immune therapy alone, co-developers Moderna Inc. and Merck & Co. said in their first detailed presentation of a key study.

Breaking Bad: The Antihero’s Journey Through Cancer

“Walt, is that you?” Skyler asks her husband in the final scene of the Breaking Bad pilot. They’re in bed, she’s pregnant, and he’s come toward her in a new way. He’s changed, and she doesn’t yet know why.