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Omicron Sublineages Evade Antibodies From Earlier Infections

New omicron sublineages show an ability to evade antibodies from earlier infection and vaccination, a South African laboratory study has found.

A Bad Death: The Importance Of Truth-Telling At End-Of-Life

Her funeral was yesterday, and there was a huge turn-out. She was 67 and never cussed or said a bad word about anyone. She was much-friended and well-loved.

The Hidden Long-Term Risks Of Surgery: It Gives People’s Brains A Hard Time

In 2004, Mario Cibelli was preparing a 75-year-old patient for a big cardiac operation when the patient’s daughter asked for a quick word. “She explained to me how worried she was about the surgery,” says Cibelli, a consultant in anesthesia and intensive care at the University Hospitals Birmingham.

A Physician’s Personal Great Resignation

It’s been a year since I retired from almost 40 years as a pediatrician (most of that time as a pediatric hospitalist). What have I learned? What surprised me?

Are More Powerful Vaccines Coming? Shots Targeting T Cells Show Promise

Early trials suggest vaccines that activate these immune cells work better and faster and may protect people with weakened immune systems.

Shocking Mismanagement In Our Organ Donation System Is Causing Needless Death

OPTN and OPOs are mischaracterizing organ donation data to block system reform. One of America's greatest tragedies -- the still-worsening opioid epidemic -- is obscuring another: Abject failures in our national organ donation system.

Why We’re All Forgetting Things Right Now

Short, temporary instances of forgetfulness—those ‘senior moments’—are happening to more of us more often these days, memory experts say. We’re finding it difficult to recall simple things: names of friends and co-workers we haven’t seen in a while, words that should come easily, even how to perform routine acts that once seemed like second nature.

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