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The Hidden Truths Of Hospital Life: What Doctors Wish You Knew

I work as a physician in a hospital. As much as we wish it were New Amsterdam with a little”Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. House in the background diagnosing — I can tell you the reality is much different.

CRC Blood Tests: A Future Without Screening Colonoscopies?

US regulators may soon clear blood-based biomarker tests for colorectal cancer (CRC), expanding potential options for patients seeking more convenient forms of screening.

The Heart Of A Desi Doctor: Balancing Emotions And Resources In Oncology

I am currently a final-year resident in radiation oncology at a private-sector hospital in Pakistan. During my medical school and house job, I worked in a public sector hospital where I experienced a high patient influx, a heavy workload, and limited resources.

Longevity Seekers Embraced This Drug. But Does It Actually Fight Aging?

An antiaging crowd latched onto the diabetes drug metformin hoping it would extend their lifespan. Studies give conflicting results. Some health-obsessed Americans once thought they’d found a fountain of youth in a decades-old diabetes drug. Now, some are having second thoughts.

It’s Time For C-Suite To Contract Directly With Physicians For Part-Time Work

Is your facility struggling to recruit and staff full-time physicians? Are you spending excessive amounts on staffing agencies and private management companies to make up for your shortage of physicians?

CDC Sends Personnel To Stop Spread Of Marburg Outbreak In Two African Countries, Which Can Cause Ocular Bleeding, Issues Travel Warning

The CDC is warning travelers about a Marburg outbreak in Guinea and Tanzania. The infectious disease has high fatality rates and has epidemic potential. Risk of spread of the grisly Ebola-like virus in parts of central Africa is high.

Dear Congress, Here's How to Fix the Clinician Shortage

The U.S. faces a predicted shortfall of between 37,800 and 124,000 doctor over the next 10 years. While physician shortages will affect nearly every specialty, primary care, pediatrics, and psychiatry will suffer the most.