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Will Smith’s Slap Is A Trauma Response

This is what the result of unresolved trauma looks like. What we witnessed Will Smith do in assaulting Chris Rock during the Academy Award ceremony was a trauma response.

Study: Physician Burnout Could Contribute To Slightly Better Outcomes

Despite concerns about widespread provider burnout as the pandemic stretches into its third year, a new study found no evidence that burnout negatively impacts the quality of patient care.

Stop Telling Physicians To Be More Resilient

I’ve come across several articles recently highlighting the Dr. Lorna Breen Healthcare Provider Protection Act. The primary stated intent of this is “to improve mental health among health care workers.

These Doctors Are Treating COVID-19 Smell Loss By Sticking Plasma-Soaked Sponges Up People’s Noses

Whether the therapy works — and if so, exactly how it works — isn’t fully understood. Nor is the reason why COVID impairs the sense of smell to begin with.

Shanghai Residents Scream Out From High-Rise Apartments As Lockdown Stretches Into Second Week

As Shanghai enters week two of strict COVID lockdowns, a video has gone viral on social media showing frustrated residents screaming from windows of their high-rise apartment buildings.

More Cancers Are Being Detected In Later Stages At Top Boston Hospital

Doctors are detecting cancers at later and more dangerous stages after the pandemic delayed standard screenings that pick up the disease in its most treatable forms, the president of Boston’s top oncology center said.

GI Infections Dipped Sharply During Pandemic Restrictions

Reported gastrointestinal (GI) outbreaks in England were halved during the first 6 months of the COVID-19 pandemic compared with a similar period over the 5 years' prior, a retrospective ecological study found.

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